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JUST SOLD! 31713 Whitecrown Dr. Murrieta


Congratulations to my seller Jason Anderson on the sale of his California vacation home.

This property sat on the market for 4 months, receiving just one single lowball offer.

Being a second home, my seller was hesitant to invest more money into the property, and was just looking for a quick sale to reduce some of the obligations that could be a distraction during race season.

I recommended a few updates that only cost $3,500 and were completed in just 2 days.

We re-listed the home and received an offer in just 3 days that netted my seller over $21,000 more than the previous offer.

This property gained $25,000 in equity in 17 months, and sold for $10,000 higher than the model match 2 doors down that had closed escrow the week prior.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home, you want an agent who cares about your best interest, not one looking for a quick paycheck.


Samantha Stephens


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